I have loved my training since starting with Fordy’s Fitness. Emma is great! She will cater to your level of fitness and ease you into training, yet challenging you at the same time, gradually building your strength and endurance. If there’s something you love to do Emma will try to incorporate this into your sessions eg boxing, football.

Emma keeps the training fresh by changing the exercise routine frequently, which I love as it keeps training engaging.

She also helps motivate us with monthly/daily challenges which are great. Having a community group with the other clients can really help you get going on the days you feel a bit sluggish and makes you feel part of something more.

During training I became pregnant; Emma is qualified in this area which is great and allowed me to continue training, along with feeling safe and educated. She is never forceful or pushy which I have noticed with other people’s PTs, this certainly made me feel at ease now that I can’t train as often or as hard as I would like.

I can’t wait to be able to get back to full fitness in the near future with Emma’s support. Thank you

Natalia Bench

 I started to train once a week with Emma in March 2017, it was not many months later that I increased this to twice weekly. Right from the very beginning Emma listened to what I wanted to get out of training and tailored my sessions accordingly. Emma always has a plan B if I should find something tricky and never judges me if something goes wrong, instead we talk about how we can put it right and make the necessary adjustments. Emma takes an interest in what I am eating and has given me many nutritional bits of advice that I have been able to incorporate in to my diet. Emma is very approachable, dedicated to her profession and genuinely wants the best for you on your fitness journey. Emma from time to time organises group training sessions which are always a huge amount of fun and again demonstrates just how much effort she puts in to what she does, I would not hesitate to recommend Emma to anyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fitness fanatic.

Lorraine O'Neill

Emma is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far she can push them. She encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet she knows how much I am capable of.

I started training with Emma just over a year ago, in a bid to lose some weight and generally tone up. What I achieved with Emma’s help was far more than this! Using kettlebells, weights, boxing and other equipment at the gym, my overall strength and fitness has improved so much. As well as fitness she also provides brilliant nutritional advice.


If you are looking for a personal trainer you would be hard pushed to find better than Emma. She tailor makes your personal programme concentrating on the areas you want to improve in whilst all the time using her expertise to make it very enjoyable.  No one session is the same, it is varied each time so it doesn’t get boring and she challenges and pushes you.  I really enjoy the sessions, Emma is so much more than my personal trainer, she is now also my friend. I cannot recommend her enough.

Clare Christie

I’ve been with Emma for 6 months now and with her support have achieved some really good results.  She’s taught me so much more about nutrition and how to train rather than just killing me once a week during our sessions as some PTs do.  She gave me a long consultation before we started training and she regularly emails me tailor made training plans following work we’ve been doing in our sessions where I always come out smiling 🙂

Helen Fitzgerald

I was looking for a personal trainer as I wasn’t happy with my appearance or how I felt in my clothes, like most people. I started training with Emma over other PTs because of her;

  • Professionalism.
  • Dedication to my goal to lose weight and feel happier
  • Tailored programmes.
  • Take away advice and guidance – training programmes, nutrition and life style.

I’ve now been training with Emma for 18 months and the impact it’s had is incredible and I couldn’t have achieved it without Emma’s very clever tactful nudges in the right direction! Not only have I lost over a stone, feel happier in myself and in clothes two sizes smaller I also now live a healthier sustainable life style! All my friends are complementing the difference it’s made.

Don’t get me wrong there’s been a lot of sweat and moaning but I’ve always enjoyed Emma’s sessions even if I ache for days. Emma knows how to motivate me better than I do, I’m always delighted (and out of breath) when with her encouragement I complete an exercise I didn’t think I could do or even hate doing – yes, I’m talking about burpees and mountain climbers.


You will get so much more from training with Emma than an hour a week in the gym, commit to following her advice outside of her sessions for the biggest long-term gains.

P.s. I’m now working with Emma to tone without looking too skinny! Never thought in a million years that would be me and I feel great!

Beverly M

I would highly recommend Emma as a personal trainer. I’ve seen significant results including a change to my body shape and a noticeable improvement in muscle tone and strength. This is as a result of regular weekly sessions with Emma and by following programmes she has devised for me which I can do at home or at the gym. Emma has also helped me understand my nutritional needs and has given me several helpful tips about improving my eating habits. Emma has a great approach to our training sessions, she is friendly, encouraging and professional and has got the balance just right when it comes to pushing those boundaries to achieve results. I have more strength and muscle tone now than I can ever remember, thank you Emma for helping me to achieve this.

Julie Vidal

I honestly don’t think I have enough minutes in the day to rave about Emma. I was petrified when I first started training but as soon as I met Emma for my consultation I was put at ease immediately, it was like talking to an old friend. Her dedication to each of her clients is why I will never train with anyone else, her support and words of encouragement through training sessions and the encouraging texts on days we don’t train makes you feel like you are definitely not on this journey alone. 

I leave every session feeling like I’ve kicked butt and its full of high fives and laughter even when I want to give up Emma pushes me to achieve my goals.

You will not be disappointed if you book with Em!

Louise Seymour

I started my journey with Emma back in November, 2011. I’ve never been someone that enjoyed the gym or even knew what to do but I was due to get married in the August so wanted to lose weight/ tone up…. 7 months later I’d lost 2.5 stone and 3 dress sizes! I felt amazing on my wedding day. Emma made each session enjoyable and varied, my favourites being boxercise and kettlebells. Emma has been through big stages of my life- getting married and then helping me lose weight after the birth of my daughter. I lost 3.3stone that time and felt amazing, all because of Emma. She also tailored sessions for me and adapted them while I was pregnant as I suffered with pelvic pain. She’s determined and passionate about what she does. She’s also empathetic and understands your body woes and how you feel., tailoring your programmes to work on the areas you want to improve. I always come away from my sessions feeling amazing- and slight red! Each session is fun with Emma putting 100% into everything. She works so hard to help you reach your goals and does so much more than what you get in your session. I couldn’t think of anyone better to help me love my body again, eat well and help me find a love of the gym. I could never thank her enough. She’s not just my trainer, but my friend. Thank you xxx

Nicole Brooks

When I fell pregnant with my first child I wasn’t in the best shape. I was overweight and had mild hypertension – so I knew I needed be very careful during the pregnancy and look after me and my baby. I’d never had a PT before and to be honest I was really scared about gyms, but I found Emma online and decided to give it a go. My main aim was not to put on unnecessary weight but also to improve my overall fitness levels as much as I could.

Emma was amazing from the get go and she put me completely at ease. I was so impressed with her knowledge about pre and post natal exercise, and the workouts she devised for me were safe and really delivered results. In fact, I didn’t actually put any extra weight on – I was marginally lighter than I was pre pregnancy after birth! And my blood pressure is back to normal! 

What I love about Emma is that she really cares about you as a client – and ensures that she gives you personalised and tailored programmes that will achieve your goals. 

I’m really looking forward to working with Emma again and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness. 

Nikki<br /> Merritt